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Go, G-ma, Go!

Elaine: Toronto, Royal York Hotel: c.1965

Go, g-ma, Go!

Unchained Melody

I’ve always loved this song—as a twenty-something, falling in and out of love; as a thirty –something, trying to find fame and fortune against great odds; as a forty-something, trying to have it all: husband, children and a demanding career; as a fifty-something, realizing all dreams die in the light of day, but there’s a new reality available with each dawn;  as a sixty-something: re-discovering the small intimate pleasures of life through family, grandchildren, a new love and continued challenges that add zest to life–finally allowing all five senses: sight, scent, sound, taste and touch to come alive to unexpected experiences and new bravado—because, in the end, “Who else cares?”

We Boomers/Zoomers have earned the right to finally be who we really are…that person we’ve lived with for over six decades—that person we’ve loved, hated, forgiven, been ashamed of, despised, neglected, abused, nursed, cared for, stood up for, been proud of, and finally liked! Yes, and here we are, now  free of our physical vanities and emotional restrictions, able to revisit our buried dreams now catapulted into center stage of our  emotional truth and needs—and what do I say? I say: go for it! Do the undo-able, follow your passions, see where they take you! Go, g-ma, go! I did…

Now, hear, and see me, onboard the Ocean Princess on our way from China to Japan last March…Not too bad for an unrehearsed singing appearance after many, many, many years. Amen!     Just click to view.

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