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Boomers and Zoomers take note!

As a senior facing the most important risk for Alzheimer’s disease [advancing age] I am naturally drawn to all information regarding the risk factors of this age-related disease which will, by 2030, as the remaining Boomers turn 65, increase to 7.7 million in the USA alone–unless an effective therapy is discovered. It’s a fearful proposition, but, as my research has discovered, there is hope.

For those Boomers who are in the midst (over 65) of facing this disease that is linked to age, and those younger Zoomers (age 50) at risk through hereditary factors, there are additional health issues that play a role. Some of these are diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, smoking, high blood pressure and obesity.

Addressing these factors early in life may improve overall health, including brain health throughout life…and this last, brain health, is where my intrinsic interest in Alzheimer’s is leading me.

Alzheimer's disease attacks nerve cells (neurons) in several areas of the brain

–“Focus on Healthy Aging: Mount Sinai School of Medicine”

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