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Alzheimer’s and the Power of Reverie

Alzheimer’s and the Power of Reverie

And Nothing Good Shall Be Lost

My book, Priests in the Attic, published recently by AuthorHouse, USA, incorporates the use and power of reverie within memoir—a technique designed to re-experience past memories and physically record them, thus encouraging cognitive stimulation—a process believed to reduce memory loss in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or related dementia:

More than 5 million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a number that will grow to 13.4 million by 2050. Scientists are delving deeper into our neural tissue to identify what drives the memory-robbing disease….Those who build a deeper reserve of neural function by staying cognitively active, remain fit longer.—Alice Park, Time Magazine, October 25, 2010.

Everyone’s life is unique, no matter how “simple” or “ordinary” it may appear to the bearer, and this uniqueness always carries within it an interesting story of loss, struggle, survival and, at times, sublime joy.

As such, our memories are priceless gifts—to be nurtured and cared for as they give meaning to our singular lives, and remind us of our life accomplishments within the world at large. This, in turn, provides meaning, satisfaction and spiritual succor in a way that provides hard factual knowledge through one’s own recognition of one’s life and its place in our universe.

It is typically a fairly complete person who receives an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s but before long, without some kind of intervention by way of cognitive stimulation in the promotion of cognitive health, as they progress towards Alzheimer’s disease, or, related dementia, it is the wreckage of that person that survives only to be ultimately killed by this disabling disease.

The time to take back your power against this deadly disease is NOW…. Net your drifting memories and drag them back to shore where they will breathe inspiration into your own life, your children’s lives and their children yet to come. It is your choice to make. Do it! Pick up your pen and write your life through reverie. I can show you how….

My work in progress, titled “Life Writing and the Power of Reverie,” has proved very interesting to Boomers and Zoomers (Canadian term) alike. Almost everyone, in their heart of hearts, would like to leave behind a reminder of their fragmented time spent here on earth. As such, “writing our life” is not only a cathartic experience for oneself, it is also a precious and timeless gift to those we leave behind.

In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone.

St John of the Cross

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