Priests in the Attic

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Life Writing and the Power of Reverie

The French Gaston Bachelard states: “Writing a book is difficult work and one is tempted to merely dream it.”  Yes, Bachelard is “different”:  According to him, dreamers and daydreamers are doing the most “important” work of all!

Yes, this “dreamer,” has followed Bachelard’s  Manifesto and published a unique book which I would like to share with you.

My book:  Priests in the Attic is an example of  reverie (daydreaming) at work. My stories, written within reverie, express historical and emotional truth as seen through my personal  “life writing” experiences. In recalling my life stories I have learned much about human love and the spiritual  aspect of the human condition itself–mine and others. Who am I?

Let my book tell you:

“I’m everyone who has ever taken a breath and marveled at the wonder and miracle of life. I’m everyone who, through an anguished cry for help, receives the possibility of a new beginning and a miracle of new life through God’s immeasurable grace….Who am I? I am one with you–and all of us have a story to tell. This is mine.”

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